An eco-friendly company that practices the creative vision of customer satisfaction and quality innovation management, Anyche

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers who always love Anice.

Anice, which has been leading the development of the chair industry in Korea for the past several years, is constantly changing and creating new values. It is a trusted company that has continued to grow based on the challenging spirit of creation, and has a mid- to long-term plan in the future. Focusing on product quality improvement, technical know-how and systematic We lead change and innovation based on marketing strategy through organic production management. We will establish ourselves as an excellent eco-friendly company that contributes to green growth.

In addition, by acquiring the 2016 world-class product (next-generation) certification, We will supply high-quality office chairs for home use, and we will pay attention to eco-friendly green growth. We promise to create a pleasant and lively space.

Anice will continue to be a creative company of quality management system that realizes customer satisfaction by supplying advanced design, reasonable price, and the best products that everyone can sympathize with.

Thank you.